CoZroom Large Black 3D Frameless Wall Clock Stickers DIY Wall Decoration for Living Room Bedroom

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Cozroom Large Black 3d Frameless Wall Clock Stickers Diy Wall Decoration For Living Room Bedroom

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Exceptional and stylish wall decoration

The DIY Wall Clock lifts every room and give it a nice feature. The frameless clock design will not make your apartment look cluttered. The clock wall decor looks good on white walls, but also colored walls will make a good fit with the open and clean design.

Good-working and precise clock

Don't forget about the time with the stylish decorative wall clock. The precise clock engine will not shift even after long use. Please note that tuning the time by hand might impair the clock mechanism, please use controls on the back of the centerpiece.

Compatible with many styles and every room

Combine the large wall clock with different furniture styles, it will always look great and fit. It is a great accessory for every apartment. Use it as a living room wall clock, bedroom wall clock, office wall clock or in the kitchen.

Please be aware

1. AA carbon batteries required for operation (not included).
2. When placing the minute hand and the hour hand into the centerpiece, align them towards 12 o'clock.
3. Don't tune the time using your hands, it might impair the clock mechanism. There are control buttons on the back of the centerpiece, please use them.

Size Specifications:

Clock (normal configuration as shown in the pictures): 39" x 39"
Minute hand: 15.4"
Hour hand: 12.2"
Centerpiece: 4.7"
Color: Black

Package contains:

1 x DIY CoZroom Wall Clock Kit

- Stylish and modern clock. The alloyed clock parts give your room a chic and modern look.
- Runs calm and smoothly. The high-quality large wall clock engine provides an accurate and smooth run you like to see all day in your living room.
- The DIY clock is a great solution for empty wall spaces you want to give a feature. The eye-catcher can lift an entire room and make it more beautiful. It can be placed perfectly as TV wall decor, as living room decoration or in a bedroom.
- Large Wall Clock. Sizes of a clock configuration as shown in the pictures are 39" x 39", minute hand is 15.4", hour hand is 12.2". Centerpiece is 4.7".NOTE: Inside the packaging there is a cardboard envelope that contains the actual colored number decals as seen on the detail page image Comprehensible installation of the frameless clock. You can also easily extend or reduce the gap between the DIY clock parts to adjust the clock to any room specific properties.
- Warranty - 30 days full refund and 2 Years warranty, Please contact us if any problems, and you can get a free replacement without a return.

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    03 April, 2020

    Riley Robinson

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    29 March, 2020

    Joel Martin

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    28 March, 2020

    Daniel Thompson

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    31 March, 2020

    Ali Robinson

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  • 	Charlie 	Williams
    02 April, 2020

    Charlie Williams

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CoZroom Large Black 3D Frameless Wall Clock Stickers DIY Wall Decoration for Living Room Bedroom
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