bedee Electric Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner, Aquarium Filter Siphon Kit for Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner with Durable Filter Bag Water Changer Sand Washing for Big and Small Tank (Beige)

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Bedee Electric Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner Aquarium Filter Siphon Kit For Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner With Durable Filter Bag Water Changer Sand Washing For Big And Small Tank Beige

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Our bedee versatile electric fish tank cleaner is perfectly made for aquarium lovers / fish keepers.

Made from premium material, with delicate design, multifunction, work efficient for vacuum cleaning, underwater debris remove, fish tank water changing.

With the detachable scraper you can clean the ground,wall or corner of the aquarium.

Come to take one as your energy saving aquarium handy tool.

🐟 How to use it🐟

For better experience to use this electric fish tank vacuum gravel cleaner for aquarium, we have prepared some tutorial for you,please feel free to contact us via Amazon message for it.

🐟 Simple instructions🐟

1.Select the telescopic tube according to the water level of your fish tank.

2.Use the telescopic buckle to connect tubes tight and secure.

3.Put the fish tank sand cleaner kit into water, let the water reaches between the MAX and MIN water level line.

4.Turn on power, after the water start flowing, you can put the filter cleaner into any position to do water changing or gravel cleaning or suck up debris.

🐟 Specifications of the siphon kit for aquarium:🐟

Mini tube height:18cm/7.1''

Middle tube height:19cm/7.4''

Max tube height:30cm/11.8''

Package dimension: 41x13x7cm / 16.1x5.1x2.7''

Gross Weight: 425g

🐟 Warm tips!!🐟

1.When this aquarium gravel cleaner is powered on, please don't take it out of water for more than 1 minute,few seconds for test only.

2.Batteries must be installed in right way.

3.Remember to take batteries out when using AC adapter.

4. Filter bag should be cleaned after each use.

🐟 Package Includes:🐟

1x Electric Fish Tank Vacuum Cleaner with scraper

1x AC adapter

1x Premium Quality Filter Bag

- 🐟 BATTERY POWERED-Our bedee electric fish tank cleaner is powered by battery(Two C type batteries required, not included, but easy to find or order on Amazon.).It is easy to carry to any spot you place your fish tank, no more trouble to find power socket. It's low power design, more safe to use.
- 🐟 AQUARIUM CLEANER WITH UPGRADED DURABLE FILTER BAG-This fish tank cleaner comes with a filter bag that can be used to suck up any debris in your aquarium tank like fish feed, fish poops, or dead water plant leaves.The filter bag with furry lining is extremely durable that specially designed for soft rotten debris under water, no debris come back to your fish tank.
- 🐟 FISH TANK WATER CHANGER- With soft water hose, this aquarium tank cleaner can be used as water changer.Turn on power, water will start flowing, no more use siphon for water changer, no more suck fish tank water with your mouth. We recommend changing 10-15% tank water every 10 days.
- 🐟 FISH TANK GRAVEL CLEANER-It works as gravel cleaner, to insert the suction cup into gravels, then lift up, let gravels fall, any other debris hiding among gravels will be sucked up with water.With 2 interchangeable pipes of different length,you can freely adjust the lengths to 41.5(without tube) - 57.5 - 68.5 - 83.5cm, so the aquarium with Minimum water level 11cm ~ Maximum water level 62cm can be suitable for this fish tank cleaner
- 🐟 TIPS & WARRANTY-As a water changer, make sure the water level reaches between the max and mini water level line first, then turn on the power. Otherwise water will not be sucked up. It comes with 30 days worry free return & 12 months money back warranty.Any problem,or need fish keeping advice,please contact with us freely.

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bedee Electric Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner, Aquarium Filter Siphon Kit for Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner with Durable Filter Bag Water Changer Sand Washing for Big and Small Tank (Beige)
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